Unity Crashes on Startup,

When i launch unity, it starts up good, then it says compiling scripts, then tries to load an asset from a package, any package… then crashes.
Here is an example of the screen.

I noticed it after i installed Microsoft vs express for windows phone. I uninstalled, no luck. I then did a system restore to before i installed vs express. Still no luck. I have tried uninstalling unity and restarting my computer.

I noticed that if i alt-click unity i can create a new project, but if that project has extras, like the standard assets package, it says compiling scrips, then try to load any of them and crashes.

Any help would be AMAZING,

If you’re using a laptop with an Nvidia optimus GPU setup (i.e. it has both an integrated GPU and an Nvidia one), what worked for me was opening up the Nvidia control panel, going to “Manage 3D settings”, and adding Unity under the “Program Settings” tab. Once Unity was set to use the Nvidia GPU it started opening projects again (previously it had been crashing during script compilation on startup).

Probably closely related to what I tried, adding -force-d3d11 to Unity’s command line startup apparently may help too, although I’ve not tried it. Have a look at this forum post;


There’s some pics - they might not be on a language you’re familiar with, but once you’ve right-clicked the Unity desktop icon it’s pretty obvious.

Try changing the project folder name and starting a new project, then copying the scene, script, and asset files over.

Otherwise you may need to uninstall and reinstall Unity (back up your project files before doing this, just in case).

same problem here, I tried change the folder name, creating a new project and copy the resource to the new project, but still crashing and crashing and crashing