Unity crashes when opening copied project folder

Hi all,

I’m using GIT for Source Control. I’ve enabled Meta Files within Editor Settings.

Library and Temp folders are excluded as per Unity docs.

When opening the project via Unity on my second PC it crashes as soon as it starts compiling the scripts. I imagine it’s “compiling” as it’s what it says. It crashes while an asset is displayed in the loading window.


EDIT: It seems to crash on Textures! What gives? :expressionless:

Really not sure what to do now. Any ideas? :expressionless:

If the first computer is a Mac and you are using Cheetah3d I know that the windows version of unity will crash when trying to open the Cheetah3d .JAS files.

How about cpu + ram usage, that might be an issue.

which version of unity are you using, unity 4.2 has a bug that causes it to crash on pngs, ect.