Unity crashes when setting up LODs

Hi! :slight_smile:

So I have this photo scanned rock, with multiple LOD levels. I’m using 4 at the moment.

LOD 0: High Poly rock, with 2k base, normal and specular map. (For up close)

LOD 1: Lower Poly count, with 2k base, but with lower ress normal map. (Nearby / Medium range)

LOD 2: 512x texture, base and normal. (Medium / Long range)

LOD 3: Very low poly, only has a 128x basemap. (Far away)

Now, this works perfectly. But, when I keep making changes to the sliders, to set the distance on which a LOD needs to be visible, everything freezes. I first get a Windows error saying the memory is full, and programs need to be closed to save the progress in Unity.

I don’t know if this is a bug, which drains memory from your system, or my LOD group setup isn’t the way you should do it…

Hope someone can help me out!




  • Unity version 5.6.1f1 Personal (64bit)
  • I have 16 gb of RAM, and 4 gb VRAM.
  • Windows 10

Same when i preview my LOD everithing crashes and i’m forced to reboot my pc .I work on unity 5.6 .I try to work in a new scene with just my 3 simple mesh for making LOD but Crash

Same with me with the same PC configuration, win 10, Unity version and even changing Gaia rock.
But it not crashing, just freezes for long time.