Unity crashing constantly

Unity seems to crash all the time and for no reason. Sometimes windows will tell me it has crashed, other times Unity will just close with no warning.

After a crash, when I try to reopen Unity, it will open and close straight away. I have to open it several times before it will work.

Also when I play a scene it will sometimes crash, or when I navigate around.

I have closed every other window and have no unneeded processes running.

The crashes seem to happen more when I build for android.


Unity version 4.3.4f1 (Standard)

Windows 8.1

Core i5 @ 3.4GHz

8Gb Ram

nVidea GTX 770

Based on your log file at github it looks to be the issue discussed in this question what does this mean?.

The answer by @Bunny83 states that,

Basically it just tells you that the
destination width / height is not a
multiple of 4 which it sould be. As
you can see the error happens in the
S3Decompression file. The S3 format
need images that can be divided into
4x4 pixel blocks.

I guess there’s a texture somewhere in
your project that is not power-of-two
and not a multiple of 4. Check your
textures, unless they are used as GUI
they should all be power-of-two. If
they are used in the GUI, set the
Texture format to GUI and don’t
compress them.

Also there is an ‘RtlInitializeExceptionChain’ error for which you can find the solution on this SO question: What does RtlInitializeExceptionChain do, and how can I reduce its execution overhead? The answer of which states that,

RtlInitializeExceptionChain is an
internal function in the Run-Time
Library, a collection of kernel-mode
support functions used by kernel-mode
drivers and the OS itself. It’s kind
of the kernel-mode version of the C
run-time library.

If your application is 32-bit and
you’re profiling it on a 64-bit
machine, profiling it on a 32-bit
machine or building a 64-bit version
will probably move
RtlInitializeExceptionChain out of the
top 10 list since it’s always used in

Otherwise, there’s almost certainly
nothing you can do about it.

And above ‘RtlInitializeExceptionChain’ error has relation to the ‘BaseThreadInitThunk’ error in your log. For more details: What is basethreadinitthunk?

Have you tried to re-install unity?