Unity Crashing on opening gameplay scene

I have a project, been working on it since last 8 month, on unity 2019.4.1f1. One day due to electricity faliure system shut down directly and the next day when i try to open this project unity is crashing on opening gameplay scene which i was working on the day before. i tried changing versions, i tried direclty opening that scene, tried deleting library files packages file but still unity is crashing on opening gameplay scene. menu and weapon selection scene are working fine. Editor log attached

Your scene may have been corrupted, I had this happen before and unity would crash when it loaded my game because that was the scene it was in when I last saved. The only way I was able to open it again was to go in my file folders, in the assets and open another scene by double clicking, if you only have one scene I don’t know how to fix it. Since that happened to me I always keep a blank scene in my project.