Unity creates up to 25 threads / freezes after building project.

Hello there,

recently, my Unity editor started building up more an more threads until the whole editor freezes.

In the Task-Manager it looks something like this:

Only workaround so far is to kill the process and restart unity. I am running the latest 2018.1 build, but only updated recently, the problem also occured in Unity 2017.3.

The threads start appearing when i build my project and afterwards never dissapear until i close the programm by any means.

If anyone does have a workaround for this or some insight on how to fix this issue i’d be glad to hear about it.


Well after months of ignoring this issue i actually found a solution wich in addition also fixed the problem of my built game versions crashing when i closed them.

Switching the Scripting Runtime Version to .NET4.X in the Playersettings was all it needed…

Perhaps this might help some people who are suffering from similar problems.