Unity Creating Huge Editor.log file

Two days ago I update unity to unity hub and from 2018.3 to 2018.3.1 and then after working on project for around 3-4 hours, windows gave me warning storage full and then unity crashed, then after searching in Windirstat i found 40GB unity Editor.log file and then again today it created 30GB Editor.log in just 1hour. Is anybody know what causing unity to create huge log?



What's inside it?

It's probably a constant error message spam.
Use something like Notepad++ to open it. (Don't try to open it with a default one, it will crash)

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Obviously it would be important for you to mention what actually is being written to the log file.

I tried to open file with notepad++, sublime, visual studio code none of them worked and my project have no errors only few warnings.

so you can open smaller bites of the log file

I would be interested to see the contents. Too bad Windows doesn't have "tail" or "top". You might just "type" to the console.

Reinstalled unity, now problem seems to be fixed.

There's always the solution of using an hexadecimal disk editor, locate the file, and go through the HDD sectors containing the file, chances are they are contiguous and the text shouldn't that hard to read as it's probably the same thing repeated over and over again.

What is stunning me is how much time did Unity must have taken to write so large files. I suspect that there's been some serious slow down.

I'm curious myself as to what they contained. We haven't heard of similar behavior reported before.

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If the issue appears again, and is reproducible, shutdown Unity, reopen Unity, and grab log when the problem starts. You should then be able to open it in your favorite text editor. It is almost certainly one or two repeating lines.

Had this happen - same thing, was fine prior to 2019, now every time I leave Unity open for more than 30 minutes or so I get this.

Posted to the bug tracker, case 1150015. Was able to tail the info using powershell, the repeated line is:

selector_thread_wakeup_drain_pipes: recv () failed, error (10054)

Any ideas?

i had the same thing, Logfile.log took up over 850GB, unfortunately my first instinct was to yell "WTF" out loud followed by permanently deleting it with Shift+Del . I'll peek inside next time, not doing so was entirely my fault lol.

I have a high-end gaming laptop with 64GB of RAM and like 3 mutli-terabyte hard drives built-in so it really made me panic when I was suddenly completely out of disk space and the culprit was a Logfile larger than many blu-ray discs combined. As much as I use Unity I'm sure it'll happen again and this time I'll pay more attention to it's contents lol.

But if your using Windows 10 and you familiar with Linux commands as I'm gathering from some of the comments here you can install Linux Subsystem which is a built-in feature to Windows 10 made officially by Microsoft. Doing so allows you to go to the Windows store and install Ubuntu which run inside the Windows 10 kernel (Not as a virtual machine but actually inside the main Windows operating system)

If you do that you can use all of your favorite Linux tools like head and tail and others and they run natively in the Windows system under ubuntu. Just throwing that out there for those that have this problem and are interested.

Facing the issue again as soon as I updated to Unity 2019.1.5, the repeated line is

selector_thread_wakeup_drain_pipes: recv () failed, error (10054)

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@JeffDUnity3D - couple threads on this one now, any advice?

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I'm not 100% if this is related but this only seems to happen to me if I activate my VPN while running unity. NordVPN to be exact. Considering unity doesn't start if I have it activated beforehand, I'm assuming it's the cause.

If any of you have a VPN running, try leaving it disabled and see if the problem persists.


I just had this happen. I'm not sure when the log got so huge, just that I got a message from Steam saying it couldn't update because I didn't have enough room. I recently had restored my computer so I shouldn't have been anywhere close to filling up my hard drive and all of a sudden it was full. Ran Windirstat and it was the Unity Editor Log file, over 700GB!!!

Like Twistablegolf, I also have NordVPN and it had recently been active, though I'm not sure if Unity was open at the same time as when I found out it was full, my computer was post-restart.

I have the Unity Hub and Unity 2019.1.0f2 and 2018.3.11f1, but if it had been open at the time this went down, it would have been 2019.1.0f2 as that's the last one I was working in.

I don't have NordVPN but Editor.log keeps filling up to hundreds of GB. I deleted it, opened Unity again, and the log is spamming this:

GIFileCache::OnRemoveFile FAILED removing 'Q:/Apps/Unity2018_3_Cache/dc/dcb12afed0f0a4ed6a26a0b49e5b66cf.info'.

I'm on Unity 2019.1.5f1.
That path is the cache path I set on an earlier version of Unity.

Any ideas?

I have the same recurring issue.

I have a small 250GB SSD basically the log file will fill up whatever space I have available, being edited when I am away from keyboard and Unity is left open. The 108GB file I deleted was lasted edited around 3am many hours after going to bed.

Kind of annoying, its kinda hard to upload a 108GB logfile when your internet browser can't open due to low memory....

Deleting the log file temporally solves the issue but its an ongoing thing....

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Edit: I falsly reported the error being due to windows multiple desktops.

Same error message for me fills the editor log to max capacity after having Unity minimized for a while:

selector_thread_wakeup_drain_pipes: recv () failed, error (10054)

I also have the problem. It fills my entire disk. I am on a ROG Laptop, so it's single desktop. I also have an SSD drive, if it's at all relevant. It does the problem, like lach483, when I'm AFK for an extended amount of time. No task is being performed like baking lights or anything. It just sits there and at some point, it fills a log with I don't know what. I can't open the log because I never get to it until it's like 50-60 GB (it once got to 108Gb in about 3 hours). If I catch it at a point where I can open it, I'll try to post what is being logged over and over again.