Unity - cube primitive clipping issues?

I’m currently building a voxel-based map system; however, I’ve found that Unity appears to have issues with the cube primitive “clipping”; i.e: two cubes placed perfectly side-by-side, but when viewed from a certain angle, will show a gap between them.

example; http://i.imgur.com/eOix3E3.png

This is generally quite difficult to pinpoint from a player perspective; you need to stop in precisely the correct position to see this. However, these lines are constantly appearing/disappearing as you move the map around; for the player, it results in the map looking like it’s constantly flickering. It’s quite painful to look at for an extended period of time.

Would anyone have any ideas on what causes this, and how it can be repaired?

you need to use a diferent algoritm to generate that “voxel” world, you need a LOT scripting to make a mesh that only shows the surface, the visible portion, not all the cubes will be rendered, only the vetices that have in the surface, and this will solve the VBO problem, you have 2048 VBO! and 643 draw calls! this is not effycient.

see that tutorial ( in C#) to make a nice cubic voxel mesh;

or try to uderstand my smooth Marching Cubes voxel-based game

and see that !