Unity Custom Editor window keeps showing up blank

I Can’t get my code to show anything in the Editor window I made. I have searched and searched but I can’t find the problem. Can you guys figure it out? Btw im using UnityScript.

#pragma strict
import System.IO;
// This script will generate folders
var numberOfFolders : int = 1;
var folderName = new Array(numberOfFolders);
class FolderMaker extends EditorWindow
		@MenuItem("Project Tools/ Create Many Folders")
		static function ShowWindow () 
		    EditorWindow.GetWindow (FolderMaker);
		function OnGui() 
			GUILayout.TextField ("Base Settings");
			numberOfFolders = EditorGUILayout.IntField ("NumberOfFolders", numberOfFolders);	

The function is called OnGUI and not OnGui :wink: