Unity deleted entire script

So I was working on my project in Unity when my laptop froze up. Nothing I did would unfreeze it, even tried waiting for awhile. But I had to do a hard reset.

When I opened up Unity again I ran into a few problems.

  1. Unity will no longer open any scripts. If I double click on any of them or even the ‘Scripts’ folder, Unity crashes and asks me to send in a bug report.
  2. The script I had open when I had to do the reset, is now completely gone. I get the ‘missing script’ error like most people. However, when I say completely gone, I mean I even try to open it in Notepad and all I get is a blank white page.
  3. Currently I can’t even add any other scripts because there is a compile error that has to do with the missing script.

I’m worried about reinstalling Unity because I’m worried I might lose all my project data. Does anybody have any idea what I can do to restore my project to it’s previous state.

you can uninstall unity if needed but It wont delete any project data unless it is stored in the root directory of unity. hope this helps.