Unity deleted my Project

Unity randomly deleted all the things in my project and placed a prefab that i may have imported like a sample of 6 different floorings (3 in metal and 3 in wood).

Unity doesn’t automatically delete anything, did you import a package with the same name and same path as something that already existed in your project? If so then the new imported file will overwrite the previous file.

Was that scene what was “deleted”? It’s named Default which is a pretty common name so it’s definitely possible that you imported an asset pack that included that name and overwrote your scene.

Sadly there’s nothing you can do unless you made a backup. Always look in the Import Window to see what assets will be imported and what assets will be overwritten.

I remember once I thought Unity deleted my entire project but it was a mixup with the paths and where I was storing the folders. If you switch anything up and Unity is still trying to find the old file location, it’ll seem like your project was deleted but it’s just that the path isn’t correct

The solution to Unity borking your project is version control. It’s like a quick save system for your code. You can save at any point in time and roll your entire project state to any checkpoint you set. Here’s a link to a Brackey’s video on the subject: How to use GitHub with Unity - YouTube

Git will really level up your code and allow you to easily create games with teams of people around the world (or sitting next to you).

I’ve been working on a project for a couple days, saving frequently. Then Unity crashes, and when I open it back up my project is gone. I searched for the file, but all I found was the empty one. I was not using collaborator. I can’t restore the folder. The files weren’t in my recycle bin. This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me (ok not really). I have a ticket with Unity but I don’t think there’s anything they can do. Does anyone know of any good alternatives to Unity? I’m so done with this program. Landstar Online Login