Unity deleted my scene!

I was working with my MainMenu scene, and when I was looking for my Game scene it just desappeared. I wasn’t even using it, the last time I edited the Game scene I’ve saved it and switched to the MainMenu scene. Unity didn’t even crash, the scene just desappeared. This is the most important scene in my game and it’s gone. I’ve already searched everywere on my computer, on the Temp files, on the recycle bin, everywhere.
Is there anything I can do to recover my scene?

Also, I have the .meta file, Unity didn’t delete it for some reason.

Thanks for any help!

Unity doesn’t have a track record of just deleting scenes. Obviously, it’s possible (but unlikely) that there is a bug that caused this. It’s maybe more likely that some AV software has taken a dislike to it and moved it into a secure, hidden area. If you do not have a regular backup, and you’re unable to find the scene, then, I think you’ll be out of luck. In which case, it’s a lesson in how important backups are.

This has happened to me as well. I was actually just about to hit Ctrl+S and then BAM… it wiped out my scene! my entire hierachy, gone! I watched all objects disappear before my eyes!

The worst part is… it happened while I was already in the motion of hitting ctrl+S!

LUCKILY… I was working on the dropbox, which keeps previous versions backed up, so i simply downloaded the most recent scene i could find that was larger than 1kb.

Now… this has happened several times since, and this has only happened for me in ONE particular project. The first time this happened, I’ll admit, I panicked, but after that, when it happened, I simply closed unity (DONT SAVE!!!) and reopened it to my scene, and everything was back.

It actually only wipes out stuff in your scene, and your scene is a file that you are personally responsible for saving, so if you havnt saved already, then no damage has been done to your actual scene FILE.