Unity Dev please answer me >> Assertion failed: Assertion failed on expression: 'SUCCEEDED(hr)'

Hi I have a problem with this error message at the bottom left. I tried to search for solution in forums and nothing works … I delete Library, I reimport all, I go to %appdata% to fix the unity folder there but nothing really works. I even fully uninstall my Unity 2018.1.1f1 which is Uninstall Using Control Panel, Delete Remaining Files and Folders of the Program, Remove Software Keys from Windows Registry, Empty Temp Folder and Install again the latest in the official website of Unity which is the same as mine. when I finish the installation, I open the software create a new project and that’s what appears to me … only the bottom left corner shows with error message Assertion failed: Assertion failed on expression: ‘SUCCEEDED(hr)’. When I minimize the Unity the error keeps on appearing. How to solve this please? I have not done anything … I’m just a student and I’m currently studying how unity works help me please.
Version 2018.1.1f1_b8cbb5de9840 Computer Intel(R) Core™ i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz; Intel(R) HD Graphics 620; Windows 10

I reset my laptop and still … this problem is not solved. No one is answering my problem :frowning: I really need your help Unity why I am the only one who can’t used your product properly. I’m searching for solution 2 days already. Unity Dev help me please.

Hey man, I had exactly same problem with you. I did all kinds of methods to fix this problem. Fortunately, I have two same laptops with Unity, only one of them had the problem after the Windows Update recently. Thus, I restored the system to the previous one. The problem is gone. It worked out again. I hope this will be helpful for you.


same here and only the restore old version worked…

I had the same problem. I managed to fix it by updating Intel graphics driver.