Unity directx 11 white screen

Update graphic drivers and after Unity 2017.2.* + start not rendering windows on Directx 11. When switching to Directx 12 all is ok, but i working with Hololens and it support only Directx 11. I can setup old driver for gpu but windows will update it. geforce gtx 1050 ti. When i change to integrated gpu all is ok to.
Anyone have such problem and solution how to fix it?

I had this issue for the past couple of days after I updated my “Intel HD graphics 630” driver. I used the dx12 fix as temporary fix, turns out the built in Microsoft’s driver updater, updated the display driver with a old driver from last year. After a manual instillation of the newest driver from Intel’s website and quick restart everything started to work correctly again.

So if anyone else comes across an issue like this and you have tried changing the “high dpi” settings in the compatibility settings. Or get an error along the lines of “Assertion failed on expression: 'SUCCEEDED(hr)”

Then try manually checking and updateing the display drivers to be sure they are up to date.

Yes a colleague has the same problem. Forcing Unity to use DirectX 12 (with flag " -force-d3d12" in the program shortcut) was the only solution right now…
Question is can Unity fix that or do we have to wait for a graphics driver update?