Unity disables my Sound Card

Everytime i open up Unity my sound card is (disabled).
Im not sure what to call it, but all sound from my computer is removed.

Even spotify says that my sound card is not functioning properly.

But as soon as i exit Unit completely, all souns reappear and other music programms have no problems running.

Im not using any sort of sound scripts or sound stuffies on my project so im really confused why this is happening.

i opened up unity again and this time i got 2 errors

Please help me

Are u sure no sounds are in the game or in the Project window? Because this is maybe a bug if u have any sound files in your inventory some of them are maybe bugged or if u have any sounds in the game u should check out is the sound , good , as in working like it should be. I preffer u to make folders of the sounds and sort them in the subfolders like: M4A1, Grenade, Forest, Birds, that way u can keep the track of where your stuff is. IDK whats the problem here really, is your sound card IN the motherboard or is it just ON it? sorry if dont understand what i want to say…