Unity disconnects monitor

When I start Unity basic it switches off my display. I do have a two monitor switch, however connecting the monitor display directly to the Radeon 9200 graphics card does not help. Would any one know how or why this is happening and how to solve this problem?

Thank you

Did you send a bug report? They're generally pretty responsive. I've not come across the problem though I only use one monitor, perhaps you have an odd setup.

Unity does not disconnect anything. But your GPU is incapable to handle 2 screens with 3D hardware acceleration likely as such windows or more precisely the ATI driver will disable the second screen indirectly cause it will not get any data which for the monitor means "I can savely go to sleep"

Also depending on the driver you have, you couldn't go into multiscreen mode with hw acceleration as older ATI drivers require hydravision to be installed for multiscreen hw support