Unity Discussions Open Beta Launch

We are pleased to announce the Open Beta launch of Unity Discussions.

Unity Discussions replaces Answers, becoming a new platform for Unity Communities to ask or answer questions and help each other and – in the future – share announcements, updates, and learnings as we grow Unity Discussions.

This has been a challenging project with very tight timelines and high user interest.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us, especially the closed beta testing group.

  • Together with the team at Discourse we successfully migrated over 11GB of compressed data including 257K topics and 160K users.

  • After collecting feedback from Beta testers, individual sessions have been held with power testers to discuss feedback.

So what’s next?

Unity Discussions will remain at Beta status, to allow us to improve features and user experience until it meets the exit criteria. Once the site has matured, we will start the process to migrate Forums to Unity Discussions later this year.

Please share and discuss your feedback about Unity Discussions in the Unity Discussions Feedback category. We’re looking forward to seeing you on the site.


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