Unity Discussions Open Beta Launch

We are pleased to announce the Open Beta launch of Unity Discussions.

Unity Discussions replaces Answers , becoming a new platform for Unity Communities to ask or answer questions and help each other and – in the future – share announcements, updates, and learnings as we grow Unity Discussions.

This has been a challenging project with very tight timelines and high user interest.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us, especially the closed beta testing group.

  • Together with the team at Discourse we successfully migrated over 11GB of compressed data including 257K topics and 160K users.

  • After collecting feedback from Beta testers, individual sessions have been held with power testers to discuss feedback.

So what’s next?

Unity Discussions will remain at Beta status, to allow us to improve features and user experience until it meets the exit criteria. Once the site has matured, we will start the process to migrate Forums to Unity Discussions later this year.


When trying to log in, I am prompted to create an account:
It auto fills my email based on my Unity account, which makes sense for me.

It also fills my username, but doesn't let me change it, why can't I change it?

Also, it requires me to manually input my old reputation score from AswersHub, but the site is down already, so I can't check it to put the right number there.

Hi, you shouldn't be seeing this field. Looks like a setting was missing. Could you please try again?

Your Discussions account is tied to your Unity ID, just like in the forum here. If you want to change your username, you have to change it in your Unity ID settings.

The screen doesn't appear anymore, it created the account for me automatically, but with the incorrect username (it has a number in the end that it shouldn't have). Is it expected for the usernames to be a little different?

Please tell me the UI will change before this launches and replaces the forums.
As someone who uses forums to help out people a lot, this looks really annoying to manage and go to topics


Looks like the email address that was tied to your Answers account didn't match with the address that is currently tied to your Unity ID. I've merged the accounts. Are you able to access it now?

Before we migrate the forums to anywhere we will be doing a lot of user research and talking to the users here so we can come up with the best solution for all. It might require some compromises for both sides but we will try and keep the majority happy


Perfect, it got fixed, thank you!

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Cool, would love to give feedback if needed

How do I get my old username? I used to post with username @Luemus to Unity answers, now after I logged in I noticed that I got assigned @Luemus1

Same issue as above; it has appended "1" to my username.

So we think we have found out whats is causing this. it seems to be occurring if a user changed their email address with regard to their Unity ID. We can merge the accounts which gives us a workaround, and are working to see how we can fix this longer term.

Please let us know if your impacted by this so we can check and make sure our deductions are correct and help sort it for you

Apologies for the annoyance, and hopefully it won't spoil your experience too much

My Unity ID email address has not changed.

Did you pull down the old site (answers)?

Why? Google has that thing wired. Or... had.

Is the cost of hosting Answers exorbitant for a 15 billion dollar company?

Please check this thread for information about why we migrated to a new platform. We have set up extensive redirects from the old page to the corresponding content on Unity Discussions so the impact on search engine results should be minimal.

This is chicken and egg stuff. The traffic was clearly declining because the user experience was getting worse, both in real terms and relative terms, at the same time, for a decade.

Relative terms: Stackoverflow was getting better during the decade.

Real terms: so many bugs and presentation issues and foibles with the systems crept in and never got fixed.

Now, this new one, is unreadable on a Safari version congruent with 10.13.6, the last truly stable version of MacOS, on a 2019 MacBook Pro.

And in a browser that is able to render it, it's not good to look at. And there's some mention of time constraints in creating this new version of Answers, likely meaning it's another chicken and egg race, wherein the compromises made under the time and budget constraints mean it's probably not a good experience, either.

If the reason this has happened is to placate the complainers about shutting down Answers, it might have been better to just start again and leave Answers up for posterity.

Unity really shouldn't be forming webdev teams making and maintaining their own platforms. Unity Answers format was superior to this new thing, but it's dead, Jim.

The comments on replies are in a super tiny font on my 1440p screen yet they often contain the most useful information. I have to zoom into the browser to read comfortably at about 125%. But otherwise, this seems usable.

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Thank you for the feedback. I've recorded it and we'll look into it.

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You should both have access to your original accounts now.



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