Unity Documentation in Spanish?

Does anyone know of any efforts to translate the Unity documentation to Spanish? I am working with a university in Colombia that is hoping to use Unity in game development classes.

Any suggestions of members or organizations that may be able to help with translations would also be helpful.


I don't know of any, but in the meantime - while not perfect - this may be useful:

Unity documentation automatically translated into Spanish, via Google

No, I don't think anyone is translating anything about Unity in other languages, unfortunately. Unity's main website is only in English, the documentation and tutorials are in English and the only Unity book available (Unity Game Development Essentials) is only in English.

But, you can use this page: http://feedback.unity3d.com to send a request for Unity to add support for multiple languages inside Unity and for the documentation. Or, you could find someone that volunteers to translate what you need in your language.

Also, another helpful automatic translation service you might want to try is: http://babelfish.yahoo.com/. Try comparing the results of this with what Google Translate is offering and choose what suits you best.

You can probably find if someone is doing a spanish translation at www.unityspain.com

That website also has a spanish translation of the "Intro to Scripting" tutorial: www.unityspain.com/Enviar-enlace/Unity/Introducci%C3%B3n-a-Scripting.html