Unity does not import unitypackage

From yesterday i have a problem with unity.

I’ve been trying to import random packages from Asset Store. When download is complete, unity wont import it, and i have error: “Error while importing package: Couldn’t create temporary directory”. I think it’s my fault when i cleaned my computer, never mind.
Uninstall and install again Unity not helped. I don’t want to re install whole system and everything. Does anyone knows where is that temp directory, or where unity want to create it? Maybe it’s some user privileges issue, or access to folder? Maybe someone knows how to fix it?

Unity usually tries to unpack the package into a Temp folder at the root of the Project. So, Temp is a peer of Assets. Inside this temp folder will be a folder called Export Package and inside that a folder with a GUID name. The error occurs when this folder hierarchy cannot be created. Importing Stealth gives me:

Temp/Export Package/6095e79a678cc4db79bd65885cd2d002

Maybe try manually creating the Temp/Export Package folder.