Unity does not start

Hi all, after a few days that you make use unity alive the first mistakes and how to start than with an error that does not make you open the application? practically up to 4-5 days ago it opened normally, as of yesterday none of it, i tried to re-install it, once you install the launch that makes the installer works and opens, but if I try to start it I do not start, i took a look in the management activities and the path opens but after 20 seconds tick off a path called “WerFault” this is so for 10-20 seconds and close both, all this without leaving a single mistake, from what i read the file Werfault.Exe for the service of error reporting windows system32 and in fact is on, some of you have a solution?

Ps: Sorry for my english, i’m Italian

Did you register Unity? or did you not get to that screen?

Has it started crashing since you updated it?

Try going to C > Program files x86 > Unity


Try going to C > Program files > Unity

Then copy the folder named Editor,

Place this on your desktop and try going into the editor folder and loading Unity directly.

Sometimes there can be an issue with the shortcut or the location.

Hope this helps you!