Unity doesn't play all frames of animation

Hi :slight_smile:

I created a charakter in Maya, when I imported it into Unity. The Charakter was too big, so I had to resize it and used the options of the importer.

My Charakter has a Walk and Idle animation. The first has 24 Frames the other 72.
In the Game the animation starts fine but it plays not all frames.

E.g. of the 72 frames Unity plays only 52 frames. There is also a Problem with the 24 frames.

I disabled the “Cut Frame Option”

Additional Information: I baked the Animation on the bones. Exported the Mesh and the bones in fbx.

So why doesn’t it play all Frames?

Greetings Melo

It really was a script problem. So we changed some parts in the script and the animation of the walk works fine. Also the idle is loopable now!