Unity doesnt recognize public class Camera

I am using Unity on a Macbook Pro, and recently I have a lot of problems. First it just erase all the public variables setting them to 0. But now I am just facing a error that I dont know how to fix, I usually just search for the answers, but I really need help:

I was writing my script, everything was fine, i was just adding some variables but then Monodevelop crashed, first asking me if i want to install something of Code X (I am new to programing, so i wasnt sure about what it was, and as Monodevelop closes I enter in panic so i just say no) I tried to open Monodevelop again, and now in my script is says it wasnt closes well and ask me if I want to reload a autosave or the original. I choose the autosave. I think I was saved, but know, I have this problem that doesnt allow me to test the game. In the begining of my script there is this:

public class Disparo : MonoBehaviour
 	public Camera fpsCam;

But it looks like it doesnt recognize the Camera class because it is not blue, and in the console it says that:

Unexpected symbol `fpsCam' in class, struct, or interface member declaration

If i write these on another script, it gives no error. And when i was working on my script I wasnt working with this class either. Please help me, Anyone know how I can fix it? I cant work on my proyect until i fix it!


I just fix it:

I downloaded Visual Studio for Mac, then I load the script and there were no errors anymore. It was a Monodevelop bug after all.