unity dont show array elements after 18th element.

my array length ~2500 items.
i cannot see after 18.elements when push the button. Please help???

public string[] fields = new string[3000];
public Text message;
public int messagenumber = -1;
public string readText = File.ReadAllText(@"C:\file.txt");
void Start()
        char[] delimiter = { '

’ };
fields = readText.Split(delimiter);
public void click(){
mesaj.text = fields[messagenumber];}

Good day.

I don’t know which is the limit (I supose by defaut), but i think is fine that unity does not show 2500 elements in the inspector…

I don’t know if you can change that, but Editor will be very slowly if pretend to show all the 2500 elements of the array!

Bye! :smiley:

thanks, but the problem is different. I solved and it is comic. RESET. when i reset the object, all array items are showed. it is very simple. :))
Again, thanks for your help.