Unity download speed so slow

After downloading the new update something went wrong with unity that there was some error in the launch. So I uninstalled the old version and began to download the new version but I noticed that the download speed gets down after 100MB or so. The speed becomes so terrible that it will take 1 day to download 1.5GB even though I have a good connection. I tried with VPN and still the same result. Can Unity upload the files in a new server or something.

Hi, Please do the following to ensure the problem has been solved

  • Test your download speed online with speedtest
  • Turn Off Large Data Loading if you use Ethernet
  • Try to download something off internet and check the speed
  • Download CCleaner and clean your pc, fix the registries
  • Add Google DNS To your PC “”, “”
  • Uninstall unity hub and install it again, Sign in with different account
  • Contact your ISP For Such Problems
  • Try to reinstall wifi drivers