Unity ECS Can't Find Transform Matrix?

Hello Comm-Unity,

I’m using Unity’s new ECS and I’ve run into a bit of a problem. For some reason, Unity is saying that it can’t find TransformMatrix, even though I’m using Unity.Transforms. Any ideas why this could be happening? Thanks a bunch!

Hey @Tiger27,
I’ve found solution. I have installed entities package version 0.0.12-preview.23.
After downgrading it to -preview.21 it seems to be adding MeshInstance component

And downgrading to -preview.08 have added MatrixTransform component.
In case it still doesn’t work try adding this line in your project packages manifest.json dependencies.

"com.unity.test-framework.performance": "0.1.50-preview"

And if it still doesn’t work try setting Player Configuration like in picture133126-configuration.png

Now there should be component!