Unity Editor Bay Trail compatibility?

I’ve been looking at the latest generation of Windows 8 tablets with Intels new Atom Bay Trail processors (devices like the Asus T100, Dell Venue 8 and Toshiba Encore) and I was wondering whether anyone has tried running Unity on them?. I’m looking at purchasing an 8.1 tablet so I can carry on working on my mobile game on the train (it’s 2D and non-graphics intensive) but I’m worried that the Editor itself might be too taxing for the GPU (Though Bay Trail is reported to have 3 x the GPU power of it’s predecessor).

Any help would be much appreciated

I actually just posted a blog article on this topic. In short, it works fine. It works best if you’re working on smaller, mobile friendly projects; anyhow, I posted my full experience with Unity3D and other programs in my workflow. My experience was on the Dell Venue 8 Pro, which uses the atom z3740. I’ll be doing a video review of my mobile, baytrail, game development workflow in a few weeks (when I have the upcoming Thinkpad 8, which uses the atom z3770)

Here’s a link to my article, and let me know if you have any further questions.

Here is a blurb from the article on Unity3D. I would still recommend reading the article to get a sense of how well everything worked as a whole.

“Unity3D – Yup. It runs. It’s a bit sluggish at start up; however, as long as that and your IDE are the only things running, it seems to smooth out. The projects I work on aren’t large scale. I try to work towards a well optimized for mobile art style, and level design. Having said that, I do have my high resolution textures loaded with a few post shaders, and one directional light with real-time hard shadows enabled. It all runs smooth enough for me to navigate in the scene window and run the play tests.”