Unity Editor closes when loading my project

On OSX, after upgrading to 10.7, sometimes my computer fails to wake from sleep properly. It did that this morning, I had to hold the power button down to turn it off, then turn it back on again.

Now Unity will not load my project (I was working on it when the computer went to sleep). When I click on the Unity icon in the dock, the white dot comes up to show that the program is active, then fades away and nothing happens. By deleting ~/Library/Preferences/com.unity3d.* I can get it to load Angry Bots, but when I try to load my project, Unity closes silently.

This obviously makes it impossible for me to use Unity, how can I make it go so that I can work on my project?

If you can get into Angry Bots, while there, go to Preferences and have it always use the Project Wizard at startup. That way it will at least start without immediate crash. If it’s already doing that, and simply crashing your project, then
a) keep doing that until it stops crashing. Each crash (may) log the problem and it skips that file on the next attempt. If this is the problem, eventually it will skip all problematic files and load your project (pretty much)
b) make a new project, and copy your assets over. reconstruct. ugh!

Backups are good. And if you don’t like backing up thousands of Library files, follow the instructions for using Meta files for source code revisioning. And hey, set up an SVN server why not. It’s free.