Unity Editor constantly crashing


I’m having an issue where Unity Editor constantly crashes. It’s been happening for months and I’ve tried everything I can think of. It NEVER crashes when I play or run the game. Error logs show something different every time, I usually get a KERNELBASE.dll issue (which I have refreshed multiple times) or more commonly a ‘missing stack trace’ that I can’t follow. I also can’t send a bug report as that crashes, or creates a 6GB+ bug report file txt that I have to find and delete manually.

It seems to crash when I:

Edit something in Unity Editor (more commonly with a lot of UI elements)
Edit code in Visual Studio
Play the game
Exit the game
Compile code from Visual Studio
Check social media
Sneeze (seriously, I could have Unity minimised and it crashes)

But weirdly, never at runtime. Builds build and play fine. I avoid while and for loops for obvious reasons; the two for loops I use in the entire code base have fail safe utilities to break out of potential infinite loop situations. Packages are all up to date, I’ve uninstalled and re-installed Unity…etc

Anyone any ideas?

My projects crash every 10 minutes in the editor too if I import a texture image or click on something or even just move the camera around suddenly.
I bought a pc with 64gb of ram, 2tb ssd, an rtx 3090 and an i9 processor thinking it would fix the problem and unity just crashes even more now…
I never get any errors, just a red exclamation mark and and straight to desktop.

People always ask the version or what’s in your project but after multiple pcs, using almost every version of unity for all different types of projects, iv never once had unity in a state where it isn’t crashing multiple times a night.
I think unity just crashes cus its unity.

If I remember correctly, I had an issue way back when just like that. And I had to download Microsoft Silver Packet, or was something like that… But that was an older computer. You’d have to contact support on that one, because if it has a problem with .dll’s? that’s their side. Either that, or the download messed up somehow, and uninstalling and reinstalling should fix it.