Unity Editor Crashes as does standalone (Stuck for almost a year now)

Hi I’ve been having this problem ever since I upgraded to unity 3.5 and it still exists in the latest 4.1 build.

My project throws no exceptions at all however it will randomly crash both the editor and stand alone builds on windows. I don’t have a mac to test with but a friend who I made a mac build for said he didn’t experience the crash.

The problem is very difficult to isolate I’ve been monitoring the memory usage and it stays constant no gradual increase so I don’t think its a memory leak.

I have tried striping the project down to try and identify what causes the crash but so far I’ve striped it as back as far as I can while keeping the code runnable. But all that means is the crash occurs less frequently, but still happens.

The crash is instant and the editor doesn’t hang so I’m fairly sure its not an infinite loop.

I’ve been sending detailed crash reports to unity since it started and have yet to get any reply.

I’m at my wits end the game was nearing the point where I was going to push it out and start alpha testing but I’ve been stuck with this bug for nearly a year now.

Can anyone give me advice on how I could isolate what’s causing this problem or has anyone encounter something similar?

you can find a current windows standalone build here (built with 4.0)


I don’t really want post the project up for just anyone to download.

But if someone thinks they can help i would be happy to send them a copy of the project, there is an automated scene in there that will spawn randomly generated AI ships and make them fight until the crash occur which I’ve been using for testing.

additional if anyone knows of any tools I could use to get at additional debugging information that would be very useful.

Here is the stack traces I get from the editor when it crashes

========== OUTPUTING STACK TRACE ==================

(0x005C7D19) (Unity): (filename not available): ContactMessage::onContactNotify + 0x1f9

(0x01337952) (Unity): (filename not available): Scene::fireQueuedContactCallbacks + 0x92

(0x01301B00) (Unity): (filename not available): gPreFFCallback + 0x0

(0x004E0810) (Unity): (filename not available): AudioSource::GetRolloffMode + 0x0

(0x908B018B) ((module-name not available)): (filename not available): (function-name not available) + 0x0

(0xFDDEADBE) ((module-name not available)): (filename not available): (function-name not available) + 0x0

========== END OF STACKTRACE ===========

(If your wondering I have tried removing all audio from the project it didn’t resolve the issue.)

A friend of mine thinks it may be an issue with racknet which I am using for the multi-player but so far I have been unable to confirm this.

Hi sorry it sounds different to my issue mine happens on PC and doesn’t show any graphical corruption it just suddenly and randomly kills the editor and any stand alone builds, also my issue isn’t machine specific it occurs on all machines I’ve tried it on so far.

Good luck finding a solution to your problem :slight_smile: