Unity Editor crashes OSX

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!!! If you own a mac, you might have already seen this message before. This happens when a so called "kernel panic" occurs and means that an error occurred in the core of the operating system.

The Apple support site says that this "kernel panic can be caused by damaged or incompatible software or, in rare cases, by damaged or incompatible hardware."

I have not messed with my hardware since I got my computer, and I've not messed up with my system either. Why should I?

So the only thing left is that this "kernel panic" is "caused by damaged or incompatible software".

Allow me to explicate; Unity is a "damaged or [an] incompatible software".

alt text

I use unity on a fairly sizeable number of macs, and i've never seen the problem.

My best guess would be an issue with the graphics card overheating from the looks of the the screen.

Alternatively, if you own the same macbook pro I use (~2-3 years old one), they had a pretty huge batch of laptops sent out with a faulty logic board, which have that exact problem after a fairly large time (And if it is that exact problem, they'll replace it for free).

On the other hand, if you haven't tried reinstalling unity yet, do that first, it's a heck of a lot simpler

Well considering that Unity has (as of June 8, 2010) 170,000+ developers with a sizable percentage of which are on Macs, saying

Unity is a "damaged or [an] incompatible software".

is not a fair assumption at all. I have been using Unity on both platforms for over a year and a half and have never encountered such an error or equivalent on either.

My suggestion is perhaps reinstall the software or maybe run a repair. There could also be some other system errors in the background that are causing this.



Do you have any information that supports that Unity is the problem? I am on a mac have never received a "need to restart your mac" crash dialog related to Unity. The few times I have receive them they were probably more hardware related than software related. If you look at the Activity Monitor application in you Utilities folder you can see all the processes that could be potentially causing your issue.

Another thing you can do is go to Utilities>Console>Log Database Queries>All Messages which should give you more detail on the log messages leading up to your crash which will probably narrow the issue down to what is actually causing your crash.

I FIXED IT!!!!! It was either my graphics card or my RAM, either way, my whole computer was very dusty inside. I took out the graphics card and my RAM and give it a good dusting. I made sure that the fan on my graphics card wasn't stuck by dusting it too and I gave it a lil spin.

I guess Unity is just very demanding on the graphics card, and that's why this happened with Unity but nothing else.

But Thanks a lot for your help and support guys. I take back what I said about Unity.