[Unity Editor] Emulate Touch Input - Still Asking 12/10

Edit: This question still has no answer as of 12/10 - the below response does not answer the question.

Hi, I need to create touch input(s) while in Editor to test everything before deploying to devices. Is there a way to create/emulate/spawn/* touch events using scripts?

getMouseButtonDown does not do what I want (afaik), I want to literally fake a touch input and have everything else run as normal. Ideally, I get to do this via a script, and then can use hard coded values or base it on the mouse location.

My intended purposes are in-editor testing+debugging, and automated testing.

Here’s what I’d do.

a) Write some code that runs on the device and captures all the real world touch inputs, and writes these to a file with a time stamp. Copy this file off the device and onto the host computer.

b) Wrap up the input processing logic in the game, so it knows if it is running in the editor or devices (either using Application.isEditor or platform defines (see Unity - Manual: Conditional Compilation).

c) If running in the editor, read the file containing the touch inputs, and feed those into the game at the correct time.

Now you can play the game in the editor with faked, but real-world touch data.