Unity Editor Freezes/Doesn't display when PC controller is plugged in via USB

For some reason, using any of the new 2017 versions of Unity will not display on my Computer Screen if I have my PC controller plugged in via USB port in the I/O panel at the back of my PC. As soon as I unplug the controller, Unity immediately displays and can be worked in properly. If after I have the Unity Editor screen pulled up on my desktop and am working on a project, it instantly freezes again as soon as i plug in the controller and remains that way until I unplug the controller again.

Anyone know of any fixes for this issue?
It’s an IDZTech controller, so not an xbox 360/xbone or ps4 controller.

Same issue here. I bought a new controller (nacon dualshock 4, wired) and if I plug in unity freezes immedietly and shows “hold on” (Application.Message) window, but nothing happens. The old one works perfectly. Hope you finded the solution! :slight_smile: