Unity Editor getThreadContext failed


I’ve seen several other threads here about it, the error is raised when i try to pick a color or when i’m creating particle systems. The Unity Editor freezes up and crashes.
Sometimes the error appears several times at same.

fatal error in gc
GetThreadContext failed

Differently of the other threads, i don’t have Kaspersky or ESET, my antivirus is Avast! 8.0
My OS is Windows 7 64-bit, i have seen that this error only appears in that system type.

I have tried to enable the project wizard on start up, doesn’t work. before this error, i’ve set the Visual Studio as the default editor of Unity, but the error persisted when I returned to default.

If anyone have a solution for this, thanks for help!

I played crucible network and I have never got that problem so far that no sooner entered within 2 minutes I get this error, I hope someone has the solution