Unity editor installation stuck on "validating" indefinitely

I am installing unity editor version 2022.3.6f1 (current recommended version) on unity hub version 3.5.0
when I download, the editor application is stuck on validating. I tried downloading with and without VPN, I tried restarting unity hub, and my computer, i tried running as administrator, I changed my User Account control as recommended by another thread, I tried downloading on a different computer as well, but despite all that, the problem prevails. Edit: I also uninstalled and reinstalled unity hub


I found the problem, my install location and download location were set under different parent folders so the installer was not able to access the install location. I just set both to the same folder and it works

edit: you will still need to go the the download folder location and install manually.

sounds like a permissions window buried under the install window asking if Unity could make changes.

tried running as admin?

what do you mean “buried under”? like i have to move the window itself and have a permission window under? if so, ill try downloading again and looking for that permission window, thanks! and to answer your question, i did run as admin. I’ll update on the results.

Can you show what you mean?

it still wont stop validating even after i did that do u have any other solutions

i applied this method but still not working.

Go to the unity hub, go to settings/prefrences, select installs, and make sure both of the locations are the same place.

I thought this website was for help not making jokes? If anyone acc has a real solution reply.

Change your download destination folder into unity hub, and then install manually the unity editor, that worked for me. The problem is unity hub doesnt downloading in the correct folder