Unity Editor invert blue and orange tint

Hi guys,

I’m new in Unity, but i need to use it for a job. So here’s my problem : My colors in the editor are invert. Blue is Brown and Brown is Blue but white is still white and black too. When i search a solution on google i always see some topics which speak about invert color in a game… but i just want to set my colors in editor to the truth.

Please help me, it’s hard to work with that :-(…

Here’s a screenshot of my Unity editor :

I think this is what you’re looking for (correct me if I’m wrong).

On the top left, go to:

then go to

and in the preferences window, go to


Here you can manually the editor colors. Hope this helps!

I already tested that ^^.
It’s not that. I tryed to click on “Reset defaults” and it doesn’t work either. I think it’s something upper than this.

I add Images as textures in my scene which looks like that :

And on the editor it’s look like that :

I solved with a reinstall of windows !