Unity Editor is extremely slow, but PC resources are hardly being utilized

Comp. Specs:
i7 4.0 GHz processor
32 Gb of RAM
EVGA GTX 970 ftw GPU
Unity’s editor is running about 1 fps (at least while in play mode (judging by the number of print() messages received)) . All other programs operate just as usual, so it’s not a system wide thing by any means.
It may also be noteworthy that NVIDIA’s shadowplay overlay takes a couple of seconds to appear, but is quite responsive after loading.
Here is a gif of other programs running and then unity running so you can get an idea of what’s happening. (The print() messages are being sent from Update()…): http://gph.is/2FSaR9u
All help is greatly appreciated as this is really confusing me. Oh, and yes, I have tried rebooting my PC.
here’s an image of my PC’s specs while Unity’s play mode is running
[109564-desktop-screenshot-20180118-17035127.png |109564]

Press Ctrl + Shift + Escape, then goto Details then find UnityHelper, right click it, Click Priority, click High.

Note: You may need to do this with both UnityHelpers,

Hope this helped ~ Lost Syndicate