Unity Editor keeps logging me off


Right amidst of my work Unity Editor displays me a huge blocking banner “HELLO!!! SIGN INTO…” Quite often and irritating. (Yup, I started several instances to exchange and copypaste ideas between my sketches).

The question: Is there any reason I should not work offline always, henceforth and eternally, finally?

Thank you!

and a few months later I start getting this bug out of nowhere

I don’t know why Unity isn’t doing anything about this. I also have this issue. it is very frustrating because they have dumb password requirements and I can never remember it.

Its 2019 and its still an issue…

2020 and still constantly happening

i use Unity’s publish webgl function and once it has uploaded i get network error because all along i was not logged in… so i have to log in and reupload the webgl build:(((