Unity Editor loads up with a white screen and menu bar only

I am not able to see anything else apart from this when I start the Unity Editor! :frowning:
Initially the screen is white but if i try to reset the window layout it turns black.

Any suggestions to fix this?

I had this problem to, there was no way fixing it, so i had to reinstall Unity. And that worked.

I used this: Display Driver Uninstaller Download version to uninstall the drivers. Reinstalled afterwards, this fixed it for me. Hope I can help anyone having the same issue.

I also encounter this problem, and it does cost me a lot of time to find out why, if you encounter such a problem for the first time after reinstalling a newer version of Unity3d, it is likely that your computer does not support that version, probably due to the poor power of the Graphics Card. For me, I want to try new version 2018.3.13f1, but the Graphics Card type is Intel HD Graphics 630, so I can not create a new project. I reinstall the version of 2018.2.17f1, it works fine. Besides, I move to change a better computer to try the 2018.3.13f1, it also works fine.
Conclusion: you could try to install an older version of unity.

Same problem please fix this!!!