Unity Editor Not Starting/Not Responding

Unity still seems to be plagued with peripheral devices stopping the functionality of Unity.

I Just learned today that my keyboard is the cause of my year-long struggle trying to figure out why Unity just hasn’t been working.

Keyboard plugged in and Unity doesn’t load the editor → Keyboard unplugged → Editor loads up no issue.
Keyboard back in → Unity stops working altogether…

It locks all keyboard input to the editor (windows key and all) and doesn’t do anything → Keyboard unplugged → everything processes as if it had been running perfectly fine the whole time.

Is there any reason for this? Is the Unity developers working on fixing this? The issue has been around since at least 5.x versions for me.

Similar here. In my case it was the “ZD T Wired Gaming Controller for PC” (USB).

The moment I unplug it the Unity editor opens. Once its open and I plug this game controller back in, Unity Editor freezes and I can’ even close it. Unplugging again … everything works as it should.