Unity editor on high dpi display?

I am looking at purchasing a laptop with a high density dpi display, does unity currently support this on Windows without getting blurry or pixelated? I have no way to test this at the moment. I heard the unity crew was working on support for retina displays in OSX, what about Windows?

As far as I know, the Unity editor does not support DPI scaling and also doesn’t honor the DPI setting of the OS.

If you run the Unity editor on a Windows Vista or later system with higher DPI than normal, it will look blurry. This is because Windows draws applications at 96 DPI to an off-screen buffer and then copies that buffer, resized to be slightly larger, onto the screen.

If you run the Unity editor on a Windows XP system (or use Windows Vista or later with the “Use XP style DPI scaling” box ticked), Unity will have smaller, but sharp fonts. Other Windows applications that do their rendering via the Win32 API will actually use bigger fonts and look sharp (but might suffer from text leaving the visible area, buttons being misplaced and similar issues).

To get bigger fonts in the Unity Editor (which renders its GUI by itself), you’d have to ask the Unity Team to add DPI scaling support. I’d love to have this, too, because on a 2K screen it’s no fun to work with the Unity editor in either mode.

I think that any question related to the Unity software should be asked to the team.

They are pretty fast when they answer you so don’t worry.

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