Unity Editor silently crashes straight away no error logs

Upgraded to Unity 3.5.2f free licence and editor silently crashes as soon as it is executed. I guess it is clashing with something. But I am not able to see any error logs for the editor in %localappdata%\Unity\Editor\ i purged the logs and ran the editor a few times but it doesn’t append any data (ie sits at 0kb).

Any help would be great. Previously was having build errors (was only able to build for web player) hence why I upgraded. Might be the root of the problem but without some sort of error log I can not troubleshoot it.

Other then that solid API/product. Oh and first post :).

Thank you to everyone that gave their assistant.

I contacted unity support in the end and they pointed me to “why does unity 30 fail to start on windows” - I had come across this post earlier but for a separate issue (android not building/deploying properly).

In the end it seems to me that it was some funky Microsoft patch deployment that silently elevated DEP settings. To fix the problem I had to enabled DEP reboot and then DEP disable and reboot windows, then unity was allowed to run again.

Thanks again to everyone that tried to help solve the issue, and the unity team of cause. :slight_smile: