Unity editor stuck/halted on Console (Error) on Windows 7

The title says is pretty much my problem...

The Unity window gets halted on repeatedly on every console error, goes into the error-paused state (window) and never comes out. I have to quit Unity to get out of the loop.

I know this is not the case in the Mac OSX editor.

The auto-switch of from editor to console window is irreversible. It doesn't give me the control back to un-pause or stop the running.

I don't know if anyone has this issue, unless I'm the only one working with windows.

Any help appreciated.

Check if "Error pause" is ticked in the console - that'll pause the script while errors are occurring, which will be pretty much instantly if you have a per frame error

I’m having the same issue. With “Error on Pause” enabled, I get an error in the first frame, and the editor is effectively without function. I can move around the error window, so I know it’s not frozen, but none of the following buttons are responsive:

  • Error Pause
  • Close Error Log
  • Stop Play of game
  • Unpause game

In desperation, I clicked everything, and oddly, clicking the “Global/Local” toggle button got the game to stop. Then editor “sort of” froze, like before: nothing worked except the close application button. :expressionless: