Unity Editor unresponsive when using internet

Hi guys,

Currently experiencing a big problem with Unity:

Whenever I have internet enabled on my computer the Unity Editor (not just in editor, when starting the application, moving the window around or any interaction) goes unresponsive and takes around 1-2 minutes to respond to my input (clicks, typing, etc). This is really making it unusable as I’d like to be connected to the internet whilst using Unity for debugging and looking at threads etc when I’m experiencing problems (+ I’d like to jam to some music when I’m tearing my hair out wondering why nothing I do ever works :)…).

I’ve trawled the answers forums and haven’t found anything that helps with this problem so far.

Now for what I’ve been doing to try debug this problem:

  • I’ve tried uninstalling+reinstalling (different versions of Unity as well, one being the latest 2017 version and also the latest 2018 beta version)
  • Powering off/on my computer.
  • Closing Reopening the application.
  • -force-opengl when running Unity (seemed a common fix but didn’t work)
  • Blocking off Unity’s internet access via Windows Firewall

At a bit of a loss as for what to do next as I haven’t found a question or answer which does anything to rectify my problem!

I am getting my internet through tethering my mobile via USB which is running Android 7.2.1
Something interesting to note is that when I leave the USB plugged in but disable USB tethering on my mobile, Unity becomes responsive again (so I don’t think it’s a problem with Unity trying to constantly read my Android device, it seems a problem local to my internet connection?)

Computer specs:

OS - Windows 7 64-bit

RAM - 32GB Ram

CPU - Intel i7-4790k

GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

Another funny thing is that everything else is completely fine (as it should be…) when connected to the internet via USB tethering and I’ve experience no other problems with any other applications.

Thank you for taking a look - If I’ve posted in the wrong area I’m sorry in advance and will happily write up the issue again.

Same problem I have with unity 2017.4.3 when I turn usb tethering off it works fine, though when I use unity 5.6.4 it works properly without any issues, I think it’s a bug that samll number of people have encountered.

If you log in to your unity account inside unity it may work without any lag