Unity Editor workspace buttons missing icons


In my Unity Editor, workspace buttons (top toolbar and sceneview) do not show icons:

How do I fix this issue?

My OS: Windows 7

Unity Editor: 2021.2.18f1


Did you ever find a fix?

HELP!! Missing icons on editor buttons… STILL!!
same problem here, with no easily found resolve?! ever get a fix?! whats going on?!

My OS: Windows 10
Unity Editor: 2021.3.19f1

This is a problem found in old GPU’s with shader level 4.0. Its due to Microsoft DirectX10. Unity above 2021.1.28f1 has shifted to Dx11 for rendering icons which is not supported by old GPU’s. Kindly upgrade your system GPU.

This issue has been fixed in the latest Unity 2022 LTS version. Now you can use Unity 2022 LTS or any of the 2023 versions without any issues. But remember that this issue still remains in the versions below 2022.