Unity Ellipsoid Particle Emitter Mishandled??

First of all, my unity version is 4.1.5f1 and yes I am a beginner!

I am learning through the walker boys tutorial sited here: Walker Boys!

And I completed through Series 3 of the tutorial.

Now, I am currently stuck at Series 4 Unity Ellipsoid Particle Emitter Link: Part 6: Asset Particle

The tutor seems to be using OLD version of unity (we all know that by now)

And, I checked this forum and a few other forums for the answer on how to use
the Particle Emitter in latest Unity and…

found it is in Components > Effects > Legacy Particle > Ellipsoid Particle Emitter

And, I added the component to the particle, but it doesn’t work!!

Maybe I mishandled it or somewhat I didn’t added other component!!

And, I am currently stuck at it for 3 days…

P.S. I did checked some forums and they said to include the Particle Animator and Particle Renderer Components along with Ellipsoid Particle Emitter, but still nothing works. What worked is that I got some Purple or Pink colored squared boxes coming instead of white brighty particles.

And, this is however my first post in the forum…SO PLEASE GO EASY ON ME!!

You’re going to want to assign a material to your particles.

To do this access your Particle Renderer component and change the “Materials” value

Using the information here, I see a little tidbit at the bottom “Hints - Use Particle Shaders with the Particle Renderer.” Could that be the issue?

goto Particle Renderer in the Inspector
Click on Material to enable the drop down Menu
Once you see Element 0, click on the Dial, Select Default-Particle from the window that opens.
that is it