unity Emission and bloom effect question

Hello, before begin sorry for my bad English.
I’m learning unity shader and I have question about bloom effect;
My project is using custom shader, in that shader I’ve set emission way begger than value
After I applyed post processing it work ok with three basic colors red, green and blue.

Here is my question

I’ve learned Emission has color and light intensity and value bigger than 1
is considered as HDR value. If that is true than how can I make yellow or puple
emiting bloom object which has value smaller than 1.

I want to change color without change post process profile color. I want to
create other color bloom effect by only changing shader code.
Is there any shader variables to control color and light intensity seperatly?

My second question is how to make an material or object to have bigger than
bloom threshold value? I thought emission in shader code control threshold value,
but it looks like emission also changes color too.