Unity equivalent of GeekGameBoard?

I am interested in creating board/card games using Unity. I am currently working on the iPhone using GeekGameBoard and have found it to be very helpful. Is there any equivalent "mini-framework", sample projects or tutorials for creating 2D board/card games in Unity? I've seen the 2D platformer example on the Unity website but it doesn't really seem applicable.

While these libraries you're searching for are largely 2D, Unity is strictly a 3D game platform. 2D gameplay can be mimiced using an orthographic camera, but even then your game and its objects will still live in 3D space. The only true 2D on-screen elements are UnityGUI and GUITextures / GUIText, and using these tools to create a card game would be a massive undertaking, mostly because these tools are strictly used for creating GUIs (things like buttons, text boxes, labels, etc).

If you still think you want to go about it, I would first try creating your game using an Orthographic camera, and simple textured planes for the cards, which you can move and position however you like via code. I do not, however, know of any framework for Unity like this.

I haven't heard of anything that covers exactly the same in one package. Hit detection is easy enough in Unity, and for bits, cards and pieces you could use SpriteManager2. I've got some hexgrid code, but it's meant for public consumption as it is somewhat purpose-specific, but you can find some musings on line of sight in hex grids. You'll probably have to put the framework together yourself, however.

Poker Pack on Unity Asset Store

The package contains models, textures and basic scripts to give you a head start creating any type of card game.

PlayingCards and PokerChips can change colour/suit/face/number etc by using the inspector or setting using the Change() functions in code.

Poker Pack Asset Store Link: http://u3d.as/content/draw-it/poker-pack/2kFalt textPoker Pack Asset Store Link: http://u3d.as/content/draw-it/poker-pack/2kF

Poker Pack Asset Store Link: http://u3d.as/content/draw-it/poker-pack/2kF