Unity Error on clean Install - Please Help Me

High there all,
Just reaching out for help as i put in a ticket with unity but no one ever got back to me.
I have tried installing three different versions of unity and none of them will work.
No matter which option I select when I make a project It always has 2 errors.

I'm not sure what these errors are as it doesn't say and only has 2 red ! things in the console.
The only way to get rid of these is to remove all default asset files that are there on launch and remove everything from package manager. Once this is done the errors go away but then you can't install any new packages or assets or it will break again.

I have attached a picture as well.

Cheers - Tom5790325--611341--error.PNG.jpg

Here are 2 error logs from 2 different instances if that helps anyone solve the issue.

5790688--611440--error1.txt (99.4 KB)
5790688--611443--Error2.txt (104 KB)