Unity Error: Unknown file extension: .dat

Unknown file extension: .dat

Upon a build, i get this error in the Unity Console, it seems to have happened all of a sudden and now scripts don’t work properly in the iOS build. Help!!! :cry:

Unity ver 5.2.0f3 Personal

Not that it’s a solution as such, but i did get my scene building correctly again by going to the build settings and changing each option in the main roll-out to something else then changing it back again, this corrected the build and it worked fine but I still get the error.

Some other things I tried…

*download latest ios, x code, and unity
*cleared my mac with a cleaning utility
*starting a new unity project
*reinstalling unity
*running my app in the ios viewer rather than physically (this is where my change happened)

Other than that, farked if I know, it’s really annoying!

Good luck